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04 September 2011 @ 09:40 pm
fic: "and in the end it starts again"  
title: and in the end it starts again
rating: pg
fandom: harry potter
characters/pairing: harry, hermione, mention of ron; harry/hermione
status: complete
word count: 1,064
summary: her fingers are still enclosed in his and his body aches in so many places and he thinks he can stay like this forever and he remembers, remembers fully, in vivid detail the way they danced in what feels like so long ago, her pressed up against him, moving with him, her teeth flashing white in a surprised and joyful grin as he spun her around, lost in the moment, exuberant.
a/n: this involves the dancing scene from movie canon but follows mostly book canon.

feeling: rushedrushed
listening to: "Losing Your Memory" by Ryan Star