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18 December 2009 @ 11:22 pm
fic: "this i cannot forget"  
First off, how Jack finds Claire in the jungle, on his own, is something I kept vague. He just wanted to find her, and he did. Whether it was the island's doing, or Jacob's doing, or Christian's doing, or just coincidence... that is up to you. But I will say that Jack finding her does occur after Juliet detonates the bomb; the Losties have flashed to the 2007 timeline. :D

title: this i cannot forget
rating: all ages
fandom: lost
characters: jack, claire
genre(s): angst
word count: 1,125
status: complete
spoilers: throughout s5
summary: after his father, she haunts him the most, out of all the others. but he supposes, given the circumstances, that is fitting.
a/n: this is for [info]angela_weber . you know why. ;) also, this does jump in time a bit, but it should be easy to follow. Except for the beginning and the end, it is all flashbacks. enjoy!

feeling: hopefulhopeful
listening to: "Cut" by Plumb